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Do you have a crazy idea? Take advantage of the latest blockchain features using smart contracts on the Signum "previously known as burstcoin" blockchain.

It's as wonderful as it seems

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Block Champions

Choose your class from heavyweight to atomweight and knock their block off!

Your next idea!

Easily create your dApp on the Signum blockchain using smart contracts, tokens and more!

Bringing your ideas to life

BlockPlay uses some of the wonderful features of the Signum blockchain to make your ideas a reality.


Create your own trustless and unstoppable game. If you have an idea, Signum SmartJ can bring it to life.


Our all-new NFT platform is coming soon. Enjoy a platform where you can sell, give away, or auction your digital collectibles.


Create your own tokens and use the built-in functions to transfer, buy, and sell with just a few clicks.

And much more!


To bring fair, trustless and open entertainment for the world.


To become the new blockchain standard for the entertainment industry.


Anyone can create their own smart contracts using Signum SmartJ. And it's free!.